Friday, 28 August 2015

Interview question on c

1.what is c language?

                   C is programming language and also it is helpful to build an operating systems like unix and linux etc..   C is a middle level language.

2. Why 'C' So called as a middle level programming language?

                     C programming language is a middle level language because, it having  the both the features of low level language and high level language. i.e  C is  a power of  low level and less power  of high level language. So C is middle level language.  

3.what is high level language?

                   By using english word we can developing  the software easily so we called high level language.

4.what is  low level language?

low level language is suitable for developing software  that interact with hardware.

6.What are the steps we required for execution of a C program?

step1: compiler can convert the our  C source code (.c) into  machine code i.e object code (.obj)

step2: Linker can convert the our object code into executable code (.exe). In  linker stage we needed  extra machine code that can be linking in this stage from C library.

step3: finally  executable file should be run by the C compiler to get output.

7.What is a datatype ?

A datatype is a ":KEYWORD" that represent the type of data being stored into a memory or variable.

8.How many datatypes are in C?

Basically C having 2 types of datatypes.

They are

      1. Primary datatypes

      2.secondary datatypes

9.What is the primary datatype ?

The primary datatypes are can store only one value. there  are 5 primary datatypes

1. char
2. int
3. float
4. double
5. void

10. What are the secondary datatypes ?

Secondary datatypes also have 5 there are

1. Array
2. Pointer
3. Structure
4. Union
5. Enumeration

5.can you tell what is input and out put functions?

     The basic input and out put functions are available in  "stdio"  (standard input and out put ) header  file.

Input function:---
                         The data given to a program is called a input function (or)  input statement

EX:    getchar();

Out put function:----

                           The data given by a program is called a output function (or) out put statement


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